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As a classic hybrid fusion shoes, Jordan Dub Zero has high hopes, after Oreo the classic color and covered with a coat of Concord drool with envy. The new black and white shoes made of leather, with special texture and decorative uppers, Jumpman and details by the blue dotted, finally to Phylon and Air-Sole double bottom cushion cast comfortable cushioning configuration, excellent performance of reproducing classic Air Jordan series. jordan-dub-zero-concord-release-date.jpg (152.68 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Jordan Dub Zero ConcordUpload 09:45 2016-11-1 jordan-dub-zero-concord-release-date-3.jpg (158.67 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Jordan Dub Zero ConcordUpload 09:45 2016-11-1 jordan-dub-zero-concord-release-date-4.jpg (150.91 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Jordan Dub Zero ConcordUpload 09:45 2016-11-1 jordan-dub-zero-concord-release-date-1.jpg (141.03 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Jordan Dub Zero ConcordUpload 09:45 2016-11-1 jordan-dub-zero-concord-release-date-2.jpg (131.75 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Jordan Dub Zero ConcordUpload 09:45 2016-11-1 jordan-dub-zero-concord-release〉In August 24th, Nike will launch its third generation HTM Flyknit Series in Shanghai. HTM is the trend of Master Fragment Design founder Teng Yuan Hao and Nike design legend Tinker Hatfield (Tinker Hatfield) and Nike CEO and designe Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale r Mark Parke (Mark Parker) the long-term cooperation between the series, is to create a breakthrough performance, new technology and to change the manufacturing methods of commemorative shoes. The new colour scheme is the main feature of this series, and Nike Flyknit technology has been pushed forward by showcasing the possibilities of fabric, color and pattern. This series of HTM Trainer+ a total of six dazzling color, four of which are woven by classic color, black, blue, red and Ying Guanghuang, and the Swoosh logo on the heel of the decoration. In addition, the two features are the color of the vamp, through the original classic yarn mixed and staggered weaving to achieve a variety of color effects. This method combines different colors into a complex, fine and changing fabric pattern. The resulting bold color uppers also show the accuracy and complexity of knitting techniques. Nike's unique Lunarlon cushioning system makes HTM Trainer+ perfect, and the sleek Lunarlon white sole makes a series of designs for all shoe styles. Third generations of HTM Flyknit series of all six colors will be on August 24th in Shanghai I.T. Xintiandi store limited sale, the proposed retail price RMB 1399. 134551820411590.jpg (59.61 KB, download times: 0) download attachment 2012-8-21 upload at 11:17 134551820445764.jpg (66.53 KB, download times: 0) download attachment 2012-8-21 upload at 11:17 134551820524586.jpg (52.88 buy cheap jordans online KB, download times: 0) download attachment 2012-8-21 upload at 11:17 134551820528898.jpg (39.41 KB, download times: 0) download attachment 2012-8-21 upload at 11:17 134551820633484.jpg (68.6 KB, download times: 0) downloadonline is probably released two pairs of Westbrook exclusive Air Jordan XX9Jordan WestBrook 0 'NBA LIVE 16' version of PE. Air Jordan XX9 'NBA Live 16' PE to we show vamp woven plasticity and possibility, Granville less my game Madden pattern presented directly on the upper, and the heel is NBA Live 16 words, on the other side of the upper showing the game logo. Jordan WestBrook 0 "NBA LIVE 16" PE is the site of wood directly in above the shoe body design with NBA LIVE 16 words, very special. Source: nbalive16cheated out of "Hua Jian" in 1992, a Taiwanese named Ye found Zhang Huarong. He registered a "Hongkong glory company" in Hongkong and wanted to cooperate with Zhang Huarong. In October, Zhang Huarong and his "Huarong shoes factory" were formally co operated with "Hongkong glory company". There is a "Hua" in his name, and there is a "firm" in the name of Taiwanese. This is the origin of the name of Jiangxi Hua Jian Co., ltd.. "Taiwanese cheated us.". He tricked us into buying a lot of machines and got a lot of factories, but they didn't get any money or give an order. In fact, I'm still doing it alone." Zhang Huarong smiled and said, did not think this is cheated out of the " cheap foamposites Hua Jian", today is also very famous. at that time, the factory expanded to 560 employees, covering an area of 5000 square meters. There is no order, struggling to 1994, thanks to Zhang Huarong has been in a complete mess. At this time, he had to go back to the old road, re export, through the Jiangxi light industry company to receive foreign trade orders. Almost "finished", he also cherish the opportunity, the quality of each single, price, delivery time are strictly checked, never lost to Zhejiang people. From 1994 to 1996, he made a lot of money again. raised the anti-dumping good times don't last long, the stick. Hua Jian was soon overshadowed, and all European orders were cancelled. Zhang Huarong felt that Jiangxi could no longer work. in May 1996, he was alone, carrying hundreds of thousands of people to Guangdong, Dongguan. At that time, Dongguan shoes industry has become very climate, is the Taiwanese and Hong Kong people in the world, Zhang Huarong is the first batch of mainland businessmen into the shoes, he felt he was looking for the right place. He first set up offices in Dongguan, the development of proofing, orders received. In October, Bai Hao Industrial Zone, Houjie town of Dongguan closed at a Taiwanese shoe factory, Zhang Huarong bid 1 million, together with the factory machine plate down, the establishment of Dongguan Huajian Shoes Co. ltd.. "In fact can't afford so much money, he had to g cheap air jordans ive loans, secured. In 1998, I sold my factory in Jiangxi and moved all over." was heavily in debt and wanted to run away from 's enthusiasm for arriving in Dongguan soon wore off, and Zhang Huarong fell to the lowest point in his career. What we do in Jiangxi is cloth shoes, while in Dongguan they are made of women's shoes and modern machines are used. Hua Jian no management personnel, but also no stable orders, all by Zhang Huarong pondering, soon debt ridden. at the end of 1997, Zhang Huarong felt really can not go on. He thought of running away and wanted to spend some money to escape to russia. He made a phone call to his family to discuss it, and his mother was so frightened that he couldn't fall asleep. His eldest brother scolded him. Then he realized that running away would cause trouble to the family. He made up his mind, fall went to jail, or jump Dutch act, One finished, all is finished. , Zhang Huarong insists, though it's possible to be sent to jail every dayAfter seeing the Nike Free series to create 10th anniversary new series, Nike Free Hyperfeel 2014 new spring and summer also take homeopathic debut. This time exposure of the new color through eye-catching colors, designers with high contrast color collocation, create a lively atmosphere of the spring and summer to shoes. At the same time to build flexible socks Flyknit vamp uses non general comfortable wrapped feet, the foot can further fe jordan 3 katrina 2018 el the cushioning soles provided by Lunarlon, at the same time bring sufficient grip for the use of home, so as to enhance the overall experience in the. The number of new color this time exposure through eye-catching colors, designers with high contrast color collocation, create a lively atmosphere of the spring and summer to shoes. The above number of new products will be in September 5th through around the designated Nike retailer offering, and on the official website to accept reservations. nike-2014-spring-summer-free-hyperfeel-1.jpg (85.12 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-3-14 11:16 upload nike-2014-spring-summer-free-hyperfeel-3.jpg (217.88 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-3-14 upload 11:16 nike-2014-spring-summer-free-hyperfeel-4.jpg (76.96 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-3-14 11:16 upload nike-2014-spring-summer-free-hyperfeel-2.jpg (78.49 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-3-14 11:16 Nike Free, Hyperfeel upload, 00Nike Air Max 1 OG color matching is now on sale at 2015-09-24 17:06:03 Nike's popular shoes Air Max 1 launched a new color, the designer with white blue color classic tone, with rubber outsole showing color. However, the most careful design, brand is to do a little bit of old techniques to create uppers, not only for shoes to create a sense of vicissitudes of the times, but also in line with the current trend. It is reported that the shoes have been officia jordans on sale online lly released, interested friends may wish to pay attention to it. Free Inneva Woven NRG earlier revealed with unprecedented high popularity, this pair of new knits the topic to bring fans a new shoes. This view of double Free NRG using Woven Inneva on the thickness of a weaving section to create a gradient, from the toe end to the rear section showing the shoes a hierarchical design beautiful, a shoe body with leather shoes for collocation, also have to strengthen their sense of wearing leather details, which is equipped with Free 5 and above the bottom of chic marble, absolutely is the focus of new shoes fans not to be missed. The double Free Inneva Woven NRG will officially debut, you want to start a shoe fans must. to bring VISVIM autumn / winter 2009 series of shirts, with Sea Island Cotton (Gossypium barbadense) produced by the blue shirt, he is just a plain Tee that can not see pricing scary, because the Sea Island Cotton (Sea Island cotton) is Japan's most advanced cotton was recognized around the world, want to know more the West Indian Sea Island Cotton Association in Japan Co Au Association website, and also a Taliesin B.D shirt focus is placed on the sleeve six angle supplement, the last one is Juneau Weld LIS shirt this can be said to be a guest of honor each season, is every fast Sold Out.Whether led by LeBron Miami Miami now how impregnable, Minnesota lynx are directed at the championship, today by air jordan 11 space jam for sale the striker Maya Moore to show us by Jordan Brand Air Jordan XX8 tailored for the SE. This section is very simple with pure white shoes, carbon plate is made of black, finally with ice blue bottom, bottom with ink in detail, the tongue is embroidered with Maya Moore's new personal logo, and the bottom is a strong back We're Back! ". 1.jpg (60.66 KB, download number: 6) download 2014-5-17 11:07 Air Jordan XX8 SE upload, Maya Moore, Maya Moore PE 00Nike official today officially released a few days ago we first exposure Kobe 9 Elite What The Kobe Kobe Michael Jordan, with the breakthrough scoring record, we believe that the What The Kobe series debut and even special version should be only a matter of time. This section uses light color to create a modified, non symmetric past very exaggerated collocation, the shoe body Flyknit containing mint green, red, blue and other colors, with green and orange trim swoosh Hyperfuse, part of the two shoes also showed different patterns, highlighting the What The Kobe theme. item: 678301-904 release date: January 10th nike-what-the-kobe-9-elite-release-date.jpg (101.82 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Kobe 9 Elite What The Kobe officially released 2014-12-20 09:48 upload nike-what-the-kobe-9-elite-release-date-4.jpg (137.98 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Kobe 9 Elite What The Kobe officially released 2014-12-20 09:48 upload nike-what-the-kobe-9-eli Retro jordans for sale te-release-date-5.jpg (84.55 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Kobe 9 Elite What The Kobe officially released 2014-12-20 09:48 upload nike-what-the-kobe-9-elite-release-date-1.jpg (80.2 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Kobe 9 Elite What The Kobe officially released 2014-12-20 09:47 upload nike-what-the-0 in 2005, 13 billion 200 million pairs of shoes were produced in 6 billion 500 million people all over the world. What will happen later? Shoes city will go through what kind of road to develop? What new sectors are going to be born, and how will each country develop? We are here on the basis of the world bank, the German shoes chamber of Commerce and the Italy shoe-making Federation, to make a brief analysis and prediction of the development of the world shoes city. Chinese in the past 30 years, world shoes city has undergone tremendous changes. First of all, population growth, people's living standards improved, naturally, the demand for shoes has also increased. Strengthening the trend of world economic globalization will not only affect the shoe market, but also play an inestimable role in the development of the economy so far. As you all know, the strategic problems of development in one or every other way in the world are related to china. Because half of the 13 billion pairs of shoes are sold in this country. 1994, China produced 3 billion 750 million pairs jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black of shoes (the total world production of 38%), in 2005 the 7 billion 650 million (double the total world production of about 58.8%), the 3 billion 60 million double Chinese directly in domestic sales, while the other 4 billion 590 million double exports to different countries. the trend of other countries to move production to China continues, so by 2009, China will be likely to produce 14 billion 780 million pairs of shoes. But how long the situation will last is unknown. The following reasons should be considered and analyzed. first of all, China, Vietnam, India and other Asian countries, the rapid development of shoe-making industry, not only affect the shoe market, but also affect the world's raw material market. China's large number of high-grade leather purchase, not only greatly improved the price of raw materials, but also seriously affect the cost of semi-finished products, leading to a gradual reduction in profits with china. secondly, in China, more problems lie in the contradiction between seeking skilled trading partners and maintaining bottom price and bottom wage in these two aspects. Production began to shift to the poorest and poorest parts of China, but the wages of workers continued to rise year by year. by the way, Russia would be more attractive in this respect if the average income of China and Russia is compared. A conclusion based on official statistics jordans on sale mens with constant "go out" strong momentum, Wenzhou shoes stepped out of Wenzhou traditional advantage industry breakthrough road. Inspection and Quarantine Bureau of statistics, September, the city's exports of footwear products 8015 batches, totaling $269 million, an increase of 19.95% and 9.21% respectively, the first "double growth this year, Wenzhou shoe export volume and export volume". since this year, in order to better cope with the impact of the international financial crisis, the city government departments, shoes enterprises and industry associations and other multi joint, launched a strategic layout of the international market. Foreign trade, taxation, customs and other departments launched a series of preferential measures to jointly provide policy, customs, finance, and coordination of services for enterprises; shoe industry association actively organize enterprises to participating countries, and strive to open up a broader international market; Wenzhou shoe enterprises are actively adopt independent adjustment measures, efforts across the slowdown in external demand, trade many hurdles, barriers to export "run". Since June, the export of Wenzhou shoe industry has risen steadily, and the export indexes have picked up slightly. Entered in September, the value of exports of shoes in Wenzhou for the first time this year to achieve positive growth. the United States has become the largest market for shoe exports in Wenzhou, a major highlight of last month's export growth. In the United States in September, the world's largest footwear market, Wenzhou shoe exports to the United States increased, the value of exports amounted to $54 million 560 thousand, an increase of up to 62.88%, the export volume in all export markets in the first place, and led to the EU, Japan, Russia, Ukraine and other traditional export market. In addition to the low-end market, Wenzhou shoe footprint appeared in the United States in the high-end market, such as some of the world famous brand commissioned Wenzhou shoe production boots. outside the United States, Wenzhou shoes also speed up the pace, into the less involved in the less popular market. From African countries, Egypt to South American countries, Suriname, and then to East Asian countries, North korea...... Since the beginning of this year, Wen has taken the initiative to push forward these emerging markets, such as exports to Cuba, Jordan and other countries and regions, representing an increase of more than 50% over the same period of last year. in the "shoe go" in the Kinde, major export shoes, giant group and other companies continue to maintain a rapid growth rate, exports increasingly high proportion, the first three quarters of the value of exports has been more than or close to last year's export value. Kinde shoes in the first three quarters of the export value of nearly $75 million, at present the enterprise 20 production lines, the more than 8000 workers, but also can not meet the demand of orders, many outsourcing to other small and medium sized enterprises. looking for opportunity in adversity, China shoes also made a beautiful export rose line". This year, the "giant" at the same time to mobilize in the West)Reebok releases next season GL 6000 new color matching 2014-09-01 14:57:17 as the weather turns cold, the major sports brands will also be under the cloak of thin products into a relatively thick material, the day before Reebok released a new GL6000 color series, the continuation of the classic type of shoes, with high quality suede shoes in the shoe body structure, side "Reebok" of the British flag in its long history and cultural connotation, this time to build a total of three colors, the shoes can have on some of the designated stores purchased for $110, love friends can look. Under Armour with Phelps released a new season advertising "RULE YOURSELF" 2016-03-10 14:59:47 Under Armour new season global marketing advertising "RULE YOURSELF" started at Baltimore headquarters, Michael · Phelps starred in Armour, the American high-end functional sports brand, was held in Baltimore, the company's headquarters. It was first released by the world swimming champion Michael · and Phelps led a new season "RULE YOURSELF" advertising film, which was released by Under. The short film aims at the core theme of JOMO (the joy of missing out), as well as the visible sparkle, because of the dark experience!" The brand slogan highlights Phelps's all - around training and shows his side in the spotlight and success. previously released in February by the U.S. women's gymnastics team and Holland football star of Memphis based on · ad pres starred in Phelps's short, pay more attention to his motivation, his determination and spirit, is the legendary history of the Olympic Games winning the largest number of cards, is still the glory and final act of struggle. three advertising films are jointly produced by the well-known advertising company Droga5, to salute each athlete's efforts, it is their annual dedication, achievement of their standing on the podium, enjoy the glory moment of the spotlight. This marketing program shows how athletes stay away from the interference of everyday life and focus on training in order to achieve peak sports. As the most Olympic medal winner in the history of , Phelps will be one of the most concerned focuses of Rio Olympic games. The film records his intense training, whether in swimming pool or gym, countless practice, or followed by cruel recovery training. These scenes tend not to be understood by the public, but the film let us see how Phelps is the real achievements of the valiant record. 〉