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Beijing time on March 25th (Saturday) against the Timberwolves to the home court during this period, the Lakers will host the legend "shark" O'neal in Staples Center statue inauguration ceremony, as had three consecutive periods of his teammates, Kobe will also be invited to attend the ceremony. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience! , "the highest scoring year of the year, host sports games again," NBA 2K18 "will bring unprecedented authenticity and improvement." sports a full carry one of the "NBA 2K18" is now open Steam purchase, pre-sale price of $199 for the country region. in the back of the 2K18 promo, as a cover character O'neal was actually in the conference by Kobe molested, what happened? , let's meet first. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience!Spring quarter, has always been advertised when colorful, many brands will also be starting from the design of single product color, of course, as recently the Supreme New retro running shoes Balance is also well versed in this notice, earlier next year will launch the orange M1300, blue M1500 model and so on, are quite eye-catching color selection. Until recently New Balance again notice some styles of early summer quarter next year, which is an orange M1500, this color also appeared o cheap jordans n M1700 in the past with thousands of lines, coincides with the functional led Outdoor boom, this colorful function style is popular, this change to the M1500, and what kind of reaction? Rub one's eyes and wait?? 0.jpg (109.13 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-1-2 17:48 upload orange color.What's the matter? KIM JONG UN PLAYS THE ROLE FOOTWEAR PRODUCT L: Author: sohoo upload on 2015-1-23 08:48:51 read: 153 recommendation: 0 reply: 0 categories: SNK tide shoes information OFIn 2011, was elected the new champion Erwin came to Shanghai to experience the "Nike sports exchange, to celebrate the charming summer sports; 2014, with the all star MVP honor, Erwin arrived in Guangzhou organized by the Asia training camp," play tricks "open market activities; every time the arrival of Erwin, with his fearless fight to the basketball fans interpret" next I "spirit. This summer, Erwin will also use their own unique charm of personality, inspire more young people who love basketball. 〈br calvin.="" johnson="" nike="" cj81="" elite="" td="" on="" foot="" at="" 2013-12-08="" 22:45:09="" stadium earlier news has been exposed to the Nike NFL for the Detroit lions superstar Calvin Johnson launched a series of products to suit. In the recent competition, Calvin Johnson himself on the foot of this series of Nike CJ81 Elite TD in the arena. Become the focus of the game, like Megatron possessed general Nike CJ81 Elite TD domineering.Exclusive to build Nike Lunar TR1 + three four-color PE exposure 2013-12-08 22:19:46 DJ Clark Ken air jordan 11 space jam for sale t recently shared with us as Nike LeBron James, Rafael Nadal and ?????????? trio crafted Nike Lunar TR1 + PE style spy. LeBron James has two color, one for the red and black color, the other black and blue color, two pairs of shoes are accompanied by "LJ" logo on the tongue and heel. Rafael Nadal of PE classic gray fluorescent green color show, while ?????????? version is its silver shoes on Monday Night Football in 2009 for color inspiration. Unfortunately, these Nike Lunar TR1 + PE are not commercially available. October 30th 23 PM occurred in Chendai Yichang, the fire burned for 17 hours before being extinguished. The morning of November 3rd, seized 12 Chengdai hidden safety problems of the "three in one" enterprise of Jinjiang relevant departments joint action. in the morning of the 9, Jinjiang city "three in one" finishing leading group of unified action, mobilize the Jinjiang fire, safety supervision, industry and commerce, public security, power companies and other members of the unit of more than 50 people divided into two teams, the distribution in Chendai Andou stream, Guilin, 8 villages 12 "three in one" building a unified seal, including 6 serious fires but refused to production management rectification responsible person was summoned to the local public security organs. : November 3rd morning 9 am, in an Shang Village to a processing plant will be seized and the landlord Zhang summoned to the public security organs after the inspection group Chen Tai, a line went to the cross Sakamoto village famous sp jordans on sale mens ecial shoe company. The company received the Jinjiang city "three in one" management office and Chendai town government but refused to rectification rectification notice. the company is located in the town of Chen Tai Heng ban village three storey building, as the workshop use one or two floor, third floor as staff quarters, standing at the door can see the shop stocked with a large number of items such as vamp and sole. enter the shop door only half a meter wide, a heavy equipment across the door, the gap between the device and the wall of the room only one entry. In case of fire, the workers how to escape? more shocking is that fire is put in front of three shrines hung on the walls of the central production workshop, the incense burner also stuck in a lot of incense, in this shrine under the accumulation of a lot of shoes sole tied, in case of fire Fokan, this a lot depends on the sole shoes so close is very likely to suffer. on the two floor of the factory workshop on the wall while hanging four fire extinguishers, but some workers said that without training, do not use. &n) When 2010 as "the first year of development" and leave a thick and heavy in colours in electronic commerce development history China, most people do not know, the main force is the footwear commodity e-commerce market share contribution, and the brand footwear enterprises is also a great tribute to. According to the China e-commerce research center, 2010 China online retail market transactions amounted to 513 billion 100 million yua Cheap air jordans for sale n, more than doubled in 2009. In iResearch "product category" most often buy online shopping user survey, goods and clothing footwear and bags products listed first, occupies a total of more than 1/3 online shopping market share. recently seen from the internal research report of an investment agency on 2010 Online Shopping users more than 80 million footwear footwear e-commerce scale, output value of more than 20 billion yuan. In this about 20000000000 Yuan in the market, the vast majority share was divided brand footwear enterprises, such as BELLE, Adidas, Pepsi, Hi-Tec, Nike, Lining, KAPPA, Puma, PEAK, AOKANG, etc.. "I want to say a word to the traditional enterprise boss, e-commerce development is very rapid, online retail will accounted for an important part of enterprise operation mode, we should not discuss traditional enterprises should do e-commerce now, online retail, but should discuss the problem of what to do." BELLE e-commerce director Hu Chenrong's words, like to footwear enterprises sounded assembly. How to meet the tide of e-commerce era of baptism, has become a realistic problem in front of Chinese footwear enterprises. The shoe enterprises e-commerce development into the fast lane in the more developed market economy countries, online trading has shown strong development trend of footwear products. According to statistics, the United States footwear online sales accounted for the entire footwear sales in 17%, and our neighbors in Japan and South Korea Electronic Commerce proportion is as high as 30%. In the United States, Z jordan 3 katrina 2018 APPOS network shoe store founded by Chinese entrepreneur Xie Jiahua in 1999, for footwear products through e-commerce sales in 2010, generating $1 billion in sales. China footwear enterprises are also not far behind, spare no effort to catch up on the basis of successful experience, foreign enterprises, speed up e-commerce journey. Just two years time, BELLE shoes online 2010 sales exceeded 200 million yuan; the library name shoes to enter the field of electronic commerce in 2009, 2010 sales reached 300 million yuan scale; Lining 2010 online sales of nearly 200 million yuan. Good music to buy, Le Amoy enterprises such as footwear sales also reached billion yuan scale. Behind the library name shoes, good music to buy, the music Amoy network brand integrated shopping mall, we can also see a shadow of learning ZAPPOS network. according to iResearch statistics, 2010)Since 1998, issued Air Jordan Low customer service, 13 "Brave Blue" will no longer be engraved, however, Jordan Brand finally decided this year to bring it back, released in April 8th this year, the price of 175 dollars, number 310810-407. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience! Kendrick Lamar's new album "DAMN" released, once again set a number of records, the main single "Humble" also successfully occupied the United States Billboard Hot 100 ranking first, set a personal best results. This hot announced "DAMN." tour, and r Cheap jordans online eleased a series of TDE official commemorative items, this time with another nickname "my Kung-Fu Kenny" for inspiration, re interpretation of "charm Chinese martial arts" in American style, and bring a long sleeved T-Shirt and hooded Wei clothing and other single product. is currently part of style has landed get shopping spree channel, if you love, may wish to pre order. presale! Kendrick Lamar Kung Fu Kenny L/S T-Shirt $750 $0 - APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience!To honor in the United States more than 60 years of sales milepost, Italy super sports car manufacturer Ferrari, create a F60 America special commemorative edition coupe. This car is based on the Ferrari F12 is the foundation to build a vehicle, in appearance with the American flag on behalf of justice for the blue tone, and uses all aluminum body with lightweight carbon fiber aero show. Power, F60 America will be equipped with a 6.3L V12 engine, maximum power 730hp, peak torque of 690Nm, collocation of 7 speed dual clutch transmission, the new car one hundred kilometers in just 3.1 seconds, top speed of up to 321km/h. It is reported that the car will only limit the production of 10 units, priced at $385000. ferrari-unveils-the-f60-america-1.jpg (70.42 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Ferrari F60 America commemorative super sports car 2014-10-11 upload at 11:13 ferrari-unveils-the-f60-america-2.jpg (60.33 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Ferrari F60 America commemorative super sports car 2014-10-11 upload at 11:13 ferrari-unveils-the-f60-america-3.jpg (125.1 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Ferrari F60 America commemorative super sports car 2014-10-11 11:13 upload , Ferrari, F60, America, commemorative edition, super sports car, Ferrari 00Bring the two Zebra color item: BY3013 release date: August 17th adidas-nmd-r1-zebra-by3013.〉Let more pure solid shoes presented in front, and the minimalist design is also popular. The day before Adidas Originals's popular NMD R1 running the new design of the white and black version again released Mito, Primeknit knitting material with new lightweight breathable crafted, vamp, midsole and outsole respectively through YISHION black and pure white, and stable on the block to be the entire Japanese anti tone shoes the punchline. 1.jpg (201.1 KB, download times: 17) download attachment adidas, NMD, R1, Primeknit, Japan, Boost 2017-5-12 upload at 10:41 2.jpg (205.9 KB, download times: 16) download attachment adidas, NMD, R1, Primeknit, Japan, Boost 2017-5-12 10:41 upload , Adidas, NMD, R1, Primeknit, Japan, Boost 00 1.jpg (34.48 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Upload 09:10 2014-6-12 4.jpg (63.29 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Upload 09:10 2014-6-12 3.jpg (69.07 KB, download times: 1) download attachment Upload 09:10 2014-6-12 Air-Jordan-4-Teal-2015-2.jpg (81.18 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Upload 09:13 2014-6-12 2.jpg (34.88 KB, Download 〉Lightning with Jordan, chemical effects caused 2014-12-27 16:05:06 Last night might be a sleepless night for many people, and why? Because the Air Jordan 1 X Fragment sale at 9:00 this morning! Online shop seconds did the state, than the Spring Festival rush tickets also terrible, because the spring will give you some hope, but the official website to grab your shoes, perhaps only despair, like this pair of shoes for my friends, but also to line up ballot a choice to limit the provisions of 500 people, although some people stifle hope, but to protect these 500 people to have an equal opportunity to compete for this pair of little shoes, when the end of the ballot, some people are happy people worry, of course, already not once, it does not matter, Xiao Bian asked about the side of sneaker you do not smoke in how to do? Bright Weigongcun tell me next, I'm relieved, and this may be true love, but also money is money driven. & nbsp; Nike HyperChase "Think Pink" physical release 2015-09-01 14:41:13 NikeBasketball HyperChase also joined the ranks of the color of the "Think Pink", the pink shoes, with black details, while the mottled pink and white outsole, believed to be in the shoes of the most highlights of the design! Tongue ?? "Kay Yow" Logo marked its identity. Although the shoes has been plagued by criticism, but comprehensive terms, it also considered a good one pair of combat-type shoes. There are currently no sale of the color information is exposed, and interested friends sustained attention under it. & nbsp; Jordan Brand signed place show Jabari Parker 2014-06-27 12:36:47 & nbsp;. In the 2014 NBA Draft just ended, from Duke University, Jabari Parker second overall by the Bucks picked. Subsequently, another good news, Jordan Brand to the rookie threw out an olive branch, then it is signed. Parker authority of the US sports media as "the strongest since high school, James, James and ?????? combination." And he won the 11-12 season, the nation's best high school player. Such a strong player, we hope in the future of the NBA, Jordan Brand can wear boots to show their talent, played a sky. & nbsp; BAIT x Saucony Shadow Original & quot; Cruel World & quot; debut 2013-12-09 00:00:32 California BAIT-known shoe store recently to join the famous sports brand & nbsp; Saucony, in order to protect the animal theme, create this & nbsp; BAIT x Saucony Shadow Original & quot; Cruel World & quot;. & Quot; Cruel World & quot; is a non-profit social organization in Los Angeles, to help needy young people, to provide a good living environment. The order to fit the concept of the protection of animals, shoes in the choice of material is quite elegant, with a special suede, canvas, cork and natural hemp and other materials mixed build, appearance, shoes with navy-based tone, with beige decorative details, cork insoles material was presented, quite special. On the tongue and insole also printed special Logo, in addition, in the production process of shoes did not use any animal-related material or tools. Shoes will be on December 2 in the BAIT shop limited sale.