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Jordan brand launches global 2015-10-14 11:27:06 Jordan brand announced the project of "flying in the wings" in Shanghai, and worked with China foundation for poverty alleviation, awarded a "flying wings" scholarship to a group of outstanding poor students. The scholarship will provide funding for 1000 children in less developed areas of ten provinces in mainland China to help them complete their high school education. Jordan brand officially launched the latest program of "flying wings" project in Hongkong in October 9th. The project aims to stimulate young people to give full play to their personal potential through education support, mentor guidance and sports activities. Jordan brand hopes to expand the global community partners, inspire the disadvantaged young people around the world dare to dream, unremitting progress, the pursuit of excellence. Michael · Jordan (Michael Jordan) and Jordan brand President Larry · Miller (Larry Miller) launched the global project in Hongkong, and attended the "flying wings" scholarship ceremony held in Shanghai today. In Hongkong, the Jordan brand, in collaboration with the Youth Outreach in Hongkong, focuses on providing mentors and safe residences for marginal youth, and motivating teenagers through the life experience of basketball. 10 month 10, Jordan brand announced the global "flying wings" project in Shenzhen, focusing on providing support and help for urban floating children. "Flying wings" project and Shenzhen Charity Association, together with the positive impact of sports to encourage urban migrant children, help them overcome the difficulties encountered in adapting to the process of urban life. Jordan brand President Larry ·, Miller said: "Jordan brand is committed to set a pos cheap air jordans itive example for teenagers, motivate them to give full play to their personal potential.". 'flying wings' project makes the vision of Jordan brand come true, helping us motivate teenagers from all over the world to succeed in their chosen field." Michael · Jordan grew up in North Carolina Wilmington, theme of "fly" project with his childhood experience is closely linked. In the growth and occupation career, Michael · Jordan was very fortunate to have to inspire his teachers and mentors, they are Michael · Jordan later became a legend epoch-making and lay a solid foundation. over the past 30 years, "Jumpman" logo has become a great pronoun. Michael · Jordan as the outstanding achievements of athletes, and after the continued success in business, has inspired people from all over the world. "Flying wings" project through education support and mentor guidance, and with the help of sports to help teenagers build confidencefine with Air Jordan 1 "Los Angeles" has been exposed repeatedly, delicate white leather uppers, whether it is unique words or heel soles, shows that the city of angels exclusive identity. This Air Jordan 1 "Los Angeles" will usher in November 14th officially on sale, only in the Santa Monica Flight 23 shop exclusive sale, address 1235 3rd Street Promenade, Santa Monica, CA 90401, conditional friends may wish to focus.Brand new shoe Nike TZ-85 game red is now available for sale at 2015-08-10 14:39:30 Nike TZ-85 as a product of the new era, its design comes from the combination of classic style and modern trend, the arrival of new shoes must be concerned. The Nike TZ-85 will be in the game as the main red suede uppers, enhance the sense of using retro material, white bottom color collocation s Cheap foamposites for sale imple and clean and pure, finally with magic bands and the air hole type Swoosh unique flavor. At present, this section is now on sale, like friends may wish to continue to pay attention to it. 〈br nike="" kukini="" free="" 2013-12-08="" vascular="" network="" 22:05:18 Nike Kukini Free recently launched, as a Free outsole modeled shoes, Nike Kukini Free appearance is different from other Free series shoes. fluorescent mesh plastic material wrapped outside the blue nylon mesh, reminiscent of the veins of human blood vessels. The blue matching of the vamp nylon net surface is quite normal compared with the white sole and black sole. I wonder if such visual impact shoes will be favored?. The shoes are on sale online, priced at $95.this morning we included the OFF-WHITE x Air Jordan 1 video out of the box, I believe many of my friends did not see! So, now in its shoes photographer @sneakerprophet_ Instagram OFF-WHITE x NIKE Air exclusive exposure Max 90 feet light! From these customers can be seen, the shoe outsole is really blue crystal crystal clear, and gray white shoes formed over good. In addition, the shoe sideways exaggerated suture is also very eye-catching highlight the unique structure design of Virgil Abloh. This pair of shoes the release date is September 1st, love friends can hold back oh! Jordan brand officially entered China has been more than 20 years, in the process of growing China sports brand in the local fusion, also once again self breakthrough. Michael Jordan is the spirit of competition has a wonderful performance in the air plant, a number of sports and fashion trends! 7 15, Asia's largest Jordan brand flagship store officially settled in Beijing, the JORDAN 9 GUANGHUA stores in Beijing officially opened the place. The cheap air jordans new flagship store name in the "Guanghua Road No. 9", not only in size as "Asia's most", in terms of service level and the cultural atmosphere, nature also has many highlights, worthy of our attention and experience! small honor in the opening day of complete experience Jordan new flagship store and supporting the JORDAN FLIGHT CLUB service experience, several unique highlights of them, you must know! JORDAN FLIGHT CLUB & FLIGHT LAB new experience; JORDAN 9 GUANGHUA is not only a product of the shop, it is the capital of basketball fans self challenge, the pursuit of great exchanges resort: Retail linkage surrounding the stadium, a combination of online and offline services, JORDAN 9 GUANGHUA to create a one-stop experience to meet the "old gun" and "Star" from each other in this study, the pursuit of excellence. basketball field adjacent to the shop after the renovation, the linkage with the entity shop will provide equipment to buy from the actual try on seamless experience for consumers. Every Saturday and Sunday, the stadium will become the site for the JORDAN FLIGHT CLUB service, Jordan brand shoes, try to challenge other membership services and events for members. shop not only contains the actual combat, training and sports life JORDAN brand line of products, "the flying experience space (FLIGHT LAB)" setting can allow consumers to shop in the basketball competition in the simulation scenario, the direct experience of products. in Beijing local culture as the tone of the design of artist Jayson Atienza to "win by me" and the "flying" in Beijing for inspiration, in the JORDAN 9 GUANGHUA store to create eye-catching works of art. many exquisite details bring perfect experience In addition to the new fine display, there was a Air Jorda Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale n wall, absolutely is a rare scene to worship a shoe game player! white gold tone as the main line, including several double body style gilt! I am afraid you have not feel close to this.Low-key luxury Hermes 2012 autumn and winter shoes appreciate 2013-12-08 22:29:52 Hermes (Hermes) is a world famous leather luxury brand, founded in 1837 by Thierry Hermè s in Paris, france. Hermes has always insisted on all products to fine to the United States, impeccable brand purpose, in shoes, Hermes has a lot of action in recent years, in the spring of this year summer continuous launched a variety of shoes, this fall, Hermes gave us the Hermes Quantum High-top shoe. introduced this Quantum High-top to purple high-grade suede with Hermes unique treatment of calf mixed build, in the middle of the shoe to add a classic metal clasp fixed shoes body, in the shoes measured inside, added Hermes Logo leather mark. streamline shoes with such a texture of uppers, so that the whole shoe exudes a strong low-key elegant atmosphere, you can now in the world's major Hermes stores to buy this Hermes Quantum High-top shoes, priced at 8400 Hong Kong dollars. Air Jordan 5 "Grape" new picture appreciation 2013-12-08 22:51:35 time has crossed to 2013, and a new round of Jordan Brand will be opened soon. The legendary Air Jordan 5 "Grape" is approaching, today we bring a new set of Air Jordan 5 "Grape" picture, feast our eyes at the same time, friends can start getting ready. At present, it has exposed the market information, hope that love grapes purple friends can get their own topic jointly, by "Love" magazine editor in chief Katie Grand and HOGAN launched cooperation, launched many single product design and design emphasizes the fine quality, and use a air jordan 11 space jam for sale lot of animal patterns in single product vision, in all the goods bag, shoes, and accessories sold openly at the same time, also released the second "GANG" magazine, and started to design the name "GANG" series of products, and will be at the end of July this year in the HOGAN designated counters selling. retro shoes in following Air, More, Uptempo, Air, Max, 2, Strong, Air, Dt, Max, 96, Air, Mission, and the Air Veer we introduced last time, you guys look over here - Air, Slant, Mid. Launched in 1996, the Air Slant Mid is not really a basketball shoe, but a 90s Trainer Sports shoes. The engraved shoes at Yuanzu black and white color as the main, and the net surface, suede and leather shoes match each other, side wave lines to make the whole atmosphere full of sports. Interested friends may wish to pay attention to. classic reproduction / Adidas Originals EQT Running Support 93 running shoes series rap Jordan/ OVO x Jordan Brand 2014 shoes series comments on last article: Classic reproduction / Adidas Originals EQT Running Support 93 running shoes series next: Rap Jordan/, OVO, x, Jordan, Brand, 2014 shoes seriestoday to bring you the movie brother shoes inventory of second, after the last push, a friend suggested that adding some classic Chinese films in the shoes, since we want to see, brother of course is defeated to meet you ~ if you hurry with good popcorn, straighten the pony we go to the bar, & "game of death"; "kill Bill" Onitsuka Tiger Taichi model in Bruce Lee's last film "game of death", the most classic fragment is he wearing a yellow one-piece tights, wearing yellow shoes, and a picture of the master blows. This pair of shoes is Onitsuka Tiger Taichi model black and yellow color. in this film during the shooting, Bruce jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black Lee died unexpectedly, also let the movie and the other has become a topic of very classic. Later, the Movie Wizard Quentin during the filming of "kill Bill", also let the women wear this yellow suit, a tribute. later, yellow and black color of the shoes is dubbed a color Bruce Lee referred to as. Many brands have used the color of kung fu master salute. ASICS GEL SAGA Bruce Lee x Nike Zoom Kobe V 2 "" shaped REEBOK ALIEN STOMPER "alien" series is undoubtedly the history of milepost type science fiction film, until now, in the hearts of the fans still can not shake the position. In the series in the classic classic "special 2", the heroine had big shoes. This pair of shoes REEBOK specifically for the film to create the official ALIEN STOMPER, in the film, the actress is wearing this pair of shoes, end of alien lair, and ultimately help the success of the heroine "escape" shaped. This with a large area of Velcro to replace the traditional lacing system of the shoes to the magic elements with goal shoes and are widely used, which directly reflects the profound influence of the shoes on tide. "3:" Tokyo speed and passion drift Air Jordan 21 said the car theme of the classic movie, will think of "speed and passion" series, series third movie "Tokyo drift" although not particularly large contact and story plot, but we also see the appearance of shoes. in the movie, the hero in the black guy to sell Air Jordan XXI red color, although the actor had no interest, but many people already have it must. This pair of shoes as the Air Jordan series of twenty-first generation double positive signature shoes, was designed by the renowned designer D'Wayne Edwards, streamlined look futuristic. today, a joint series product Jordan Brand official release KAWS work together to create, in addition to coach jackets, hoodies, T-shirts and hats, the most important is this double to gray, and a luminous KAWS x Air outsole Jordan 4. since this pair of shoes you exposure in ask, this pair of shoes is the volume size, sale price and the domestic sale information, want to know and then see! volume size KAWS x Air, reportedly the double Jordan 4 global sale volume of only 2000 to 3000 pairs, and the volume before Air Jordan 12 and Yeezy 350 Boost "Wings" V2 "Zebra" on flat. The current market price Although the is priced at $$350, but the current market price is high. two weeks ago, a pair of size UK8 Sample version appeared eBay, the price of up to a staggering 3500 pounds (about 30 thousand yuan), made of 8xxx - 14xxx in a week ago and Taobao sellers ranging from pre-sale price, and now almost no one dare to do this pair of shoes sale, the current market sellers received shoes the price is above 12 thousand. due to the volume of small, high degree of concern, in the end of this shoe price will rise to the number? There is no one can predict! sale information may be the reason why KAWS will hold art exhibitions in Shanghai from March 28th to August 13th, KAWS x Air Jordan 4 will be held in March 28th in the Greater China region starting in March 31st in the global offering. Nike's official website will offer has not been announced, but has confirmed that the next line of sale, the specific point of sale has not yet announced, please lock the FLIGHTCLUB Chinese station, we will bring up reports! The original can buy this pair of shoes, you may be in this life the most lucky thing! is not, grab your clothes...& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; "in the history of world sports goods industry, so that two of the most representative and well-known giants unite only once a lifetime kind of thing." August 3, the world's second largest sports Germany Adidas announced it will spend 3.1 billion euros to acquire the world's third-largest US brand Reebok, Adidas chairman and CEO Heiner conceal their excitement. & Nbsp; The acquisition of intent all too clear - two strong horizontal, duel world dominance of Nike sporting goods. This "life only once," the merger will increase the Adidas and Nike vs. Reebok weight, resulting reshuffle in North America and the global sporting goods market. Moreover, whether the merger can produce "1 + 1〉 2" effect, Adidas and Reebok will test the ability to integrate all aspects of production, channels, advertising and other marketing. Reconstruction of the North American market, the pattern of the North American market has always been contested sporting goods company, which the United States is the world's largest athletic footwear consumer market, accounting for half of the global athletic footwear sales. In 2004, Nike sports shoes market share of nearly forty percent in the United States market. Before no merger, Adidas and Reebok combined market share, just a little more than half of Nike. As the world's second oldest sports brand Adidas to this lucrative market has long plot, Adidas CEO Herbert Haier Na once in an interview with reporters said:?. "North American market is a must occupy the territory" However, the United States market has been the headquarters of Nike, Nike's US consumer brand loyalty is very high. How can we break out on the Nike site, which has been a headache for Adidas. In recent years, Adidas has been taking a variety of measures to open up the US market, but failed to form a real threat to the industry overlord Nike. Reebok's fold this American brand will undoubtedly Adidas and Nike to North America in the fight, even more powerful. Although, in the US market share, Reebok and Nike can not be compared, but Reebok has four major North American sports leagues (baseball MLB, Football NFL, NBA and ice hockey NFL) official shirt sponsorship deal, but there's Ivor Sen, a global superstar Yao Ming, as well as JAY-Z and 50 & nbsp; CENT headed HIP-HOP American street culture spokesman, in the US market, has a strong influence. Through the acquisition, Adidas share of the US athletic footwear market will be doubled to 20%. As announced the acquisition of the day, the president of Adidas Heiner puts it - "the North American market will usher shuffle"! Three marketing force "this acquisition is a win-win for both parties," & nbsp; the German bank HVB Group's financial expert WEINREICH said, "the two brands together as one body in the Americas, Asia and Europe markets will be further expanded. "Adidas and Reebok merger of two strong, bound in the sales and market competitiveness, and on marketing and advertising, as well as introduce new aspects of the brand a tremendous force, so that they compete with Nike, it is possible strong punches. One force - complementary products, either on geographical distribution, or in the focused product, Adi and Reebok have highly complementary. Adidas sporting goods market in football outside of the United States dominated, with a number of top European teams have a contract. Reebok nearly six sales in the US market was. After the two together, will give its European, Asian and North American market share of a huge role in promoting, but also may help to join Reebok, Adidas, Nike dominate achieve a breakthrough in the field of basketball. & Nbsp;